Aceflex 2C


A two component, high quality, water resistance tile and stone setting adhesive with extended open time, exceptional flexibility, no vertical slip and high bond strength. It is prepared with a unique blend of carefully selected superior grade ingredients, premium cement and treated aggregates. It is designed for mix with Acemix 2C latex admix at site to form a smooth and creamy setting mortar for large format tile and stone that can be fixed on floor, wall and external facades.

The setting adhesive made with ACEMIX 2C Latex admix provides increased flexibility for exterior high end applications, very high bond strength and long workability. With its unique blend of latex, additives and selected ingredients offers the ultimate in bond strength and flexibility for the most demanding installation requirements for large format tiles or stones to most difficult-to-bond substrates.

  • Excellent quality, Easy to fix, does not slip.
  • Suitable for both floor and wall, interior and exterior and submerged application.
  • Excellent handling characteristics through extended open and adjustment time.
  • Ideal for all type of tile and stones.
  • Outstanding flexibility with high strength for most difficult-to-bond substrates.
  • Easy mixing with liquid, nice consistency.
  • Very good mechanical property.
  • Complies to Indian and International standards (BIS/ANSI/EN).
    • Mixing Ratio: 5 ltr Acemix 2C for 20 kg powder
    • Open Time: Approx 35 min
    • Adjustment Time:Approx 20 min
    • Pot Life: Approx 4 hrs
    • Shear bond strength: Minimum 275PSI(1.9 N/mm)
    • Compressive strength: Minimum 3500PSI(24.5 N/mm)
    • Duration for light foot trafic: 6 hrs
    • Duration for normal foot trafic: 24 hrs
    • Duration for heavy foot trafic: 72 hrs
    • Duration for grouting: 24 hrs
    • Excellent quality, easy to fix, does not slip
    • Suitable for both floor and wall, interior and exterior and submerged application
    • Excellent handling characteristics through extended open and adjustment time
    • Ideal for all type of tile and stones
    • Outstanding flexibility with high strength for most difficult-to-bond substrates
    • Easy mixing with liquid, nice consistency
    • Very good mechanical property


    • Interior and exterior applications for floor and wall
    • For facades, sky height buildings, tile over most difficult-to-bond substrates and submerged application

    Use required amount of Acemix 2C Latex admix (approximately 200 to 250 ml for 1 kg powder) for proper mixing. Take Latex admix in a clean pail and pour powder slowly under controlled mixing. Mix by hand or use slow speed drill mixer (150 – 200 rpm speed) to achieve smooth, paste-like consistency. Let the homogeneously mixed adhesive mixture slake or stand 3 -5 minutes, stir again and use. Stir occasionally, but do not add more water. When it is properly mixed, troweled ridges will stand without slump.

    Use a required size notch trowel to ensure proper coverage under tiles. Using the flat side of the trowel, apply a skim coat of mortar to the surface. With the help of properly notched or teeth side of the trowel held at 45° angle, apply additional mortar to the surface, combing in one direction. Press the tile firmly into place in a perpendicular motion across ridges, moving back and forth. The perpendicular motion flattens ridges and closes valleys, allowing maximum coverage. With some tile, back-buttering is advisable. Adjust the tile promptly and beat it in with a beating block and rubber mallet. Periodically pull up a tile and check the back to ensure proper adhesive coverage. If the material has skinned over, recomb with the notch trowel. If too dry, remove and replace the dry material with fresh material. Material in the bucket will remain workable for approximately 3- 4 hours.

    Recommended substrates:
    • Cement floors, concrete bed
    • Masonry
    • Ceramic tiles and stones
    • Plaster
    • For most category dry wall boards
    Surface preparation

    Surface must be structurally strong. Remove all grease, oil, dirt, curing compounds, sealers, adhesives, efflorescence or any other contaminant that would prevent good bonding. Concrete or plaster must be cured 28 days prior to bonding unless it is made with Acescreed or Aceplast and should not be subjected to hydrostatic pressure. Expansion joints should never be bridged with setting material. Surface temperature should be maintained above 10° C or below 38° C to achieve proper bonding.

    Pack size:

    Available in 20 kg bag in grey & white colour.

    Shelf life:

    12 months, if stored in cool and dry area in unopened bag.


    Approximately 3 sft per 1 kg for 3 mm bed thickness. Coverage will vary depending on surface undulation and application variances.

    Curing and protection:

    Curing time is affected by ambient, surface temperatures and humidity. Generally, light foot traffic can be allowed in 16 hours at 25°C, normal foot traffic in 24 hours and heavy foot traffic in 7days after installation.


    Grouting can be done after 24 hrs of installation of tiles. Use Acegrout superfine series grout for up to 3mm joints and Acegrout coarse series grout for 3 - 12 mm joints. Use Acepoxy Epoxy grout for stain and chemical resistance, hygienic grout. Please call customer service executive for more information.

    • Store in cool and dry place.
    • High humidity or moisture will affect the product.
    • Once bag is opened, then finish it off without keeping for long time.
    • This product contains Portland cement and free silica. Avoid eye contact or prolonged contact with skin.
    • Wash thoroughly after handling. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes and consult a physician.
    • Do not breathe dust; wear PPE whenever necessary.