Aceproxy Sparkling Series


A three component, fully solid epoxy grout consists of Part A and Part B in a pail and Part C in a separate pouch. It is hygienic, impervious, stain-free, chemical and acid resistance grout. It does not absorb water, thus resist bacterial and fungal growth. It is a high abrasion and impact resistant grout for ceramic tile, vitrified tile and natural ston.

  • • Provides aesthetic look to the tile joints
  • Provides smooth, flush and uniform joints
  • Excellent sag resistance
  • High stain resistant
  • High abrasion and temperature resistance
  • High chemical and acid resistance
  • High shock and impact resistance
  • Germ, bacterial and fungal resistance
  • Easy maintenance and water cleanable


  • It is best suited for bath room, kitchen, swimming pool, fountain, dining room, child room, study and drawing room, hospitals, operation theatres, restaurants, cafeterias, oil field, high traffic areas as well as waterproofing applications. It is also recommended to use on potable water tank.

MIXING:Stir contents of Part "A" and Part “B” thoroughly, then combine entire contents of part "A" and "B" in a clean mixing container. Stir with a margin trowel until thoroughly mixed. Gradually add ACEPOXY Epoxy filler powder into premixed liquids. Using a low speed mechanical mixer (300 RPM or less), mix until get smooth consistency. Consistency can be adjusted by reducing the amount of coloured epoxy filler powder. Typically narrow joints require less filler powder.

APPLICATION: : Remove all mixed epoxy from container and place on tile where grouting to be done. When grouting walls, place epoxy on single unbonded tile or plastic sheet placed on the floor. Using an epoxy grout float, pack joint fully with epoxy being careful not to leave voids during application.

REMOVAL OF EXCESS GROUT: Remove excess epoxy by holding grout float at 70° to 90° angle and pulling the float diagonally across the grout joints. Removing as much epoxy as possible will make final cleaning easier. Allow joint to set for approximately 30-45 minutes or until they begin to firm. Time will vary depending upon substrate and ambient temperature. Do not allow epoxy to set on face of tile.

CLEANING: Apply liberal amount of clean, cool water to the grouted area. Adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the water will aid in clean up. Using a soft sponge, work in a circular motion to loosen grout film and finish joints smoothly. If necessary add more water to aid cleaning. Clean film from tile with a damp cotton towel and clean water. Change rinsed water frequently to aid cleanup and minimize grout residue left behind. Fingertip can be used to smoothen the joints but care to be taken because flush joint may not get while fingering over grouted joints. Final cleaning can be done on similar way after 24 hrs of first cleaning or after the grouts sets firmly. Time will vary depending upon substrate and ambient temperature. Do not do final cleaning before the grout joints sets firmly.

PROTECTION: Generally, light foot traffic can be allowed in 24 hours at 25°C, normal foot traffic in 36 hours and heavy foot traffic in 72 hours. Grouted area should be kept dry and protected from exposure to dust, dirt, food or other chemicals, that could stain or attack the grout and spoil the colour.


Protect grouted are from contamination until it is fully cured. Avoid contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact, clean with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Use personal protective instruments such as gloves, goggles, aprons, masks, etc while handling the product and application of same.


All surfaces or tile joints on which grouting to be done must be structurally sound, dry and not subject to the temperatures less than 16° C or more than 36° C. Surfaces must be free of all grease, oil, dirt, dust, curing compounds, sealers, coating, efflorescence, old adhesive residues and any other foreign matter.


Curing time is affected by ambient, surface temperatures and humidity.

Pack size:

Available in 1 kg, 5 kg and 30kg packing (Including 3 components). Each kits consists of carefully prepared, superior quality resin, hardener, scrub pad and gloves. Pigmented filler powders are sold separately in carton box

Available Colour:

Available in 23 attractive colours and many customized colours as per customer request


36 months, if stored in cool and dry area in unopened containers, protected from sun light. Shelf life is calculated from the month of manufacturing of the product.