ACECREED - Concentrated is a cementitious screeding material prepared by using high performance ingredients, premium cement and treated fillers. It is a self-curing screed designed for use with required proportion of water and aggregates at site. It is also designed for mix with a small proportion of ACEMIX TBL for increased performance.

  • Mixing Ratio:Refer table
  • Pot Life:Approx 1.5 hrs
  • Time to normal foot traffic18-24 hrs
  • Time to heavy foot trafficAfter 72 hrs
  • Compressive strength:>25 MPa
  • Flexural strength>5MPa
  • Tensile strength >2MPa

Mix 1 bag of ACESCREED with 4 to 12 bags of sand (weight to weight basis) based on the strength requirement and purpose of application. Use approximately 10-12 litre or required amount of liquid (either water or mixture of water and Acemix TBL latex admix) for 30 kg powder. Add liquid to the pre-blended powder slowly under mixing. Mix by hand or use a medium speed drill mixer (250 – 500 rpm speed) to achieve a smooth, paste-like consistency. It can also be mixed by creating a well in the middle of the mixed product, gradually add pre-measured water mixing the product by shovel or trowel until a dry but moist workable mix is achieved. Stir occasionally, but do not add more water. Transfer the mixed product into a clean container and carry and pour into recess.

  • Self-curing. No need of water curing.
  • Tiles can directly be bed-in immediately
  • Easy mix with water or latex
  • Easy spreadability, high workability, water resistant
  • Easy to apply and level, Fast acting and cost efficient
  • Very high mechanical strength, shock and impact resistance
  • Can be mixed with locally available sand


Interior and exterior application for domestic, residential, commercial and industrial floors.

Interior and exterior application for domestic, residential, commercial and industrial floors.

Recommended substrates:

    Old or new concrete floors, cement beds, etc whose compressive strength is greater than 25 MPa.

Surface preparation

Surfaces must be structurally strong. Remove all grease, oil, dirt, curing compounds, sealers or any other contaminant that would prevent good bonding. Glossy, lime washed or painted surfaces must be sanded, or abraded, and stripped off all contaminants. Concrete floor must be free of efflorescence and not subject to hydrostatic pressure. Concrete floors should have a course finish to enhance the bond. Roughen the surface by sanding or abrading, then rinse and allow to dry. Use recommended ACEMIX bonding agent for proper bonding between the floor and screed. Expansion joints should never be bridged with setting material. Surface temperature should be maintained above 10° C or below 38° C to achieve proper bonding. For questions about proper installation, call Technical Services executives on +91 963 260 5577.

Pack size:

Available in 30 kg bags in grey colour

Shelf life:

12 months if stored in cool and dry area in unopened bag. Shelf life is calculated from the month of manufacturing of the product.

  • Store in cool and dry place.
  • High temperature will affect the product.
  • Once pack is opened, then finish it off without keeping for long time.
  • This product contains epoxy material. Avoid eye contact or prolonged contact with skin.
  • Wash thoroughly after handling. If eye contact occurs, flush with water for 15 minutes and consult a physician.
  • Do not breathe closely; wear PPE whenever necessary.
THICKNESS ACESCREED Aggregates ACEMIX TBL Water(Approx) Coverage(Approx)
12 mm 30 kg 180 kg 2.0 l 7.0 l 84 sft
25 mm 30 kg 180 kg 2.0 l 7.25 l 45 sft
35 mm 30 kg 180 kg 2.0 l 7.5 l 27 sft
50 mm 30 kg 180 kg 2.0 l 8.0 l 20 sft