AceSeal Super Power Impregnating Sealer


An excellent quality, superior grade, highly penetrating breathable sealer which has outstanding stain-proof properties for highly porous tile or stone. It is a concentrated fluoropolymer based sealer which penetrates deep into the surface and forms an invisible barrier. It makes the surface not only resist water but also dirt and other contaminants and make it easier to clean. It gives long lasting performance when compare to any other impregnating sealer. It is recommended for use on porous tiles, stones, blocks and cementitious grout joints for tiled floors and walls. It is a transparent impregnating sealer that does not alter the natural look of the surface.

  • Concentrated form of impregnating sealer
  • Highly effective, Fluoropolymer based
  • User friendly, easy to apply by brush or roller
  • Resists tough stains from water based contaminants
  • Weather resistance, protects ancient structures, stone, bricks and tile
  • Breathable, allow moisture vapour transmission
  • UV resistant, Non-yellowing


  • Interior and exterior application for commercial and residential use
  • Can be applied on all kind of porous tiles or natural stones like Marbles, Granites, Flamed stones, Sand stones, etc.

SURFACE PREPARATION: All dirt, dust, debris, oil, grease and old paint should be removed. All clean and dry surfaces is essential for the best results. Begin with a sound, clean, dry and roughened, oil-free application surface, as it is essential to the success and performance of this product. Spot test on surface can be conducted by applying the compound to a small, clean test area.

  • Mix the container well before application
  • Apply AceSeal Magic uniformly over the surface by using a clean white cloth or paint brush
  • Leave the surface 2-3 minutes and remove excess product from the surface using clean white cloth (Buffing).
  • The removing/buffing should be done before the liquid dries on the surface. Drying may vary depending on temperature and porosity of the surface
  • In case any dried residue is left on the surface, the same can be removed by reapplication of AceSeal Magic and cleaning the excess immediately
  • Second coat can applied after 3 hours of first coat. Following same method for second coat application, but on opposite direction
  • Multiple applications may be required for some stones
  • Allow cure time of 24-72 hours for sealers to become completely effective

Avoid contact with eyes or skin. In case of contact, clean with plenty of water and seek medical attention. Use personal protective equipments such as gloves, goggles, aprons, masks, etc., while handling the product and application of same


Generally, Ace seal Magic will completely cure and perform in 24 hours. Protect the treated substrate or surface to cure for 24 hours before installation or exposure to dust, dirt, water or stain contact

Pack size

Available in 1 ltr, 5 ltr and 20 ltr packing


Approximately 100 sft / 1ltr for two coats. Coverage will vary depending upon porosity and absorption capacity of the surface.

Shelf life

12 months, if stored in cool and dry area in unopened containers, protected from sun light. Shelf life is calculated from the month of manufacturing of the product.