Acemix Grout Admix


ACEMIX Grout admix is a high quality, milky white, latex based additive designed for use with ACEGROUT/AQUAPROOF Cementitious grout. ACEMIX Grout Admix is used in place of water to provide flexibility to the system after curing.

  • Improves flexibility, resists powdering and cracking
  • Gives hydrophobic property to the grout
  • Prevents damage to grouts from weathering and thermal shock
  • Reduces staining and water absorption


  • Suitable for mixing with Acegrout/Aquaproof series cementitious grouts

MIXING: Use approximately 200 ml of Acemix Grout Admix for 1 kg of Acegrout coarse series grout powder. Place Acemix Grout Admix in a clean mixing container and add grout powder slowly. Mix by hand or with a slow speed mixer to a smooth stiff consistency. Allow to slake for 5-10 minutes and remix.

APPLICATION: Dampen tile surface with water. Spread with a sharp, firm rubber grout float. Work the grout paste into the joints until completely filled. Use diagonal strokes to pack the joints. Ensure that joint is filled and grout is not just sitting on top (i.e. “bridging the joint”).

CLEANING: Apply liberal amount of clean, cool water to the grouted area. Adding a few drops of dishwashing liquid to the water will aid in clean up. Using a soft sponge, work in a circular motion to loosen grout film and finish joints smoothly. If necessary add more water to aid cleaning. Clean film from tile with a damp cotton towel and clean water. Change rinsed water frequently to aid cleanup and minimize grout residue left behind. Fingertip can be used to smoothen the joints but care to be taken because flush joint may not get while fingering over grouted joints. Final cleaning can be done on similar way after 24 hrs of first cleaning or after the grouts sets firmly. Time will vary depending upon substrate and ambient temperature. Do not do final cleaning before the grout joints sets firmly.

PROTECTION: Generally, light foot traffic can be allowed in 24 hours at 25°C, normal foot traffic in 36 hours and heavy foot traffic in 72 hours. Grouted area should be kept dry and protected from exposure to dust, dirt, food or other chemicals, that could stain or attack the grout and spoil the colour.


Curing time is affected by ambient, surface temperatures and humidity.

Pack size:

Available in 200ml, 400ml, 5 ltr and 20 ltr pack size.


36 months, if stored in cool and dry area in unopened containers, protected from sun light. Shelf life is calculated from the month of manufacturing of the product.